Virginia Home Sellers Information

     Tips to Selling Virginia Home at the Best Price.    

         Follow the Three C's!

  1. Curb Appeal - Whether you are selling your home in Virginia or anywhere else, most buyers form an opinion about your property before walking in the door. In order to entice buyers to get out of the car and into your home, you need to create a pleasant and inviting exterior. First, remove weeds, yard ornaments, dead and over-grown shrubs; mow your lawn or shovel the walk. Power-wash porches, decks, walk-ways, drive-ways and siding if needed. Next, add a pop of color in flower beds or with potted plants. A little goes a long way in a yard. Simply adding new mulch can make a yard look well manicured, which could be the difference between you and your competition.
  2. Clutter - Now you have them inside, the idea is to get the buyer to imagine themselves living in the space. The best way to help a buyer imagine owning a space is to eliminate personal distractions. Show buyers you are serious about selling. Start by simply removing family photos, awards, degrees and unique style choices. If you have enjoyed exotic colors on the walls, consider a fresh coat of paint in a neat and neutral color to attract a larger portion of potential buyers. Start to organize. Pack up small appliances to show off counter space in your kitchen. Clean out your closets. Let go of any items you will not be moving. Try having a garage sale, donating to charity (remember to get a tax receipt) or tossing belongings that you no longer want or need.
  3. Clean - Buyers want to invest in homes that are well cared for and agents want to show homes that present well; that means that clean is the routine while selling your property. Give the house a once over (aka deep clean). It should help that you have already de-cluttered and organized! Kitchens and baths, floors and base boards, furniture and windows all need to be addressed. Once you have it in order keep it up on a daily basis. Remember we do not show homes the way we live in homes. The better your home shows, the quicker it sells and the sooner you can move on with life!

What I Can Do to Sell Your Virginia Home Quickly

As your Realtor I work for you. In support of your cause and after reading the       work list above you will be happy to know that I bring Resources for                    Selling your Virginia Home Quickly

  1. Resources for clean-up, repair and cosmetic work. If you lack the time, ability or desire to address the work load, I can refer you to trusted Virginia contractors who will complete the tasks necessary to sell your home quickly and for the most money.
  2. An informed objective point of view to assess the salability of your home. I am able to evaluate and suggest ideas that place your home in the best position for selling quickly, based on current Virginia market demographics.
  3. A comprehensive comparative market analysis to determine the best and most effective selling price.
  4. A marketing plan that appeals to Virginia Buyers and Agents alike.
  5. Professional representation during the critical stages of your real estate transaction. From listing your Virginia Home to closing, I am here to help facilitate the business side of the home sale. Knowing your home selling experience may be one of the biggest financial transactions in your life, I will negotiate in your best interest. I can professionally review and/or write offers, contracts, proposals and counter proposals. I advise on investigations, inspections, disclosures and title issues to protect your investment and interests.

For more information and assistance in Selling your Virginia Home, please feel free to Contact Me for all your needs.